What is the Talentcenter?
The Talentcenter of the Chamber of commerce of Bolzano/Bozen is an additional service for educational and professional orientation in South Tyrol. Middle school students (2nd and 3rd grade) work through various stations and can thereby discover their interests, abilities and talents.

The results are comprehensively explained in an individual Talentreport and can be downloaded only by the student and his/her parents. The Talentreport aims to provide an assistance in making an informed decision of school and future profession to adolescents.

What happens in the Talentcenter?
In the Talentcenter, the young people follow a course and complete various tasks:
  • Interest test (online, previously at school)
  • Test of cognitive abilities
  • Test of work-related knowledge
  • Test of motor skills and receptivity
All tests are scientifically based and standardised. There are a total of 24 test stations at the Talentcenter, including 18 computer stations and 6 motor skills stations.

Participation in the Talentcenter is only possible as a school class or group of students. Registration takes place via the teacher.

The testing course is free of charge and takes around four and a half hours (in the morning, on school days).